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Extraction time
« on: 14/04/2018, 11:40 PM »
Hallo espresso lovers:
my procedure:
- lever maschine: Londinium R
- 100% dark roasted robusta beans
- 14 g Dose
- standardt 16g londinium basket
- goal: 30 espresso yield
- distribution with supplied tool
- tamping: use dtamp for consistent light tamping
- pre-infusion: until first drop

adjusting grinding: i adjust grinding to taste  in the cup

for 30g espresso yield with good taste i get extraction times of up to 50 s

if a go to coarser grind with extraction time towards 25-30s: acidity is high

is there a "red line" concerning extraction time? after which "bad solubles" are extracted?

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Extraction time
« Reply #1 on: 15/04/2018, 08:45 AM »
hey bravo welcome to the forum

good to see that we are generating international interest !

your routine sounds pretty solid there but there are a few intangibles there which are a little difficult to unpack

firstly we don't tend to use robusta in Australia because of the perceived lower grade of coffee (than arabica) and because of its high caffeine levels

so that's not a coffee that many of us have worked with extensively, which makes it hard to comment on

the same with lever operated machines - there's so many variables at play here that it's hard to say definitively what constitutes a good extraction time or not

I suppose the best guide is how the coffee tastes in the cup - if you like the flavour then you're doing a good job !

perhaps some of the other lever users here could comment more about that ?

otherwise I also recommend YouTube for having a look at what other users of the same machine are doing to maybe see if you're roughly aligned in terms of how you do things, and to get some new ideas !


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Extraction time
« Reply #2 on: 15/04/2018, 09:27 PM »
G'day :)

Yeah what Pat said! I'm not too familiar with Finish a either, and only once roasted a sample up I got awhile ago, it was definitely interesting! Would love to hear more about the coffee you use :) (origin, processing method etc)

As far as red line for extraction, I'm sure there is, but would probably need a refractometer to properly test it out if you've extracted too much etc and what time that occurs with the very specific variables you're dealing with (coffee, machine etc), hence why going with the visuals of the shot and taste is a good way! When it's gone beyond blonding point you can pretty well say that you're now extracting too much, and of stuff you don't necessarily want in your drink!

I think the generic guideline of roughly 23-32s or whatever it happens to be now is good, but that being said, I've pulled incredibly slow (50s) shots that were just divine, so it really truly depends! Go by what suits your taste and not what it 'should' be.

And also I have no experience with a lever machine so this may change things too.

Great question though :)
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