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Author Topic: Rancilio Silvia - Steam coming out one of the tubes in the water tank  (Read 186 times)


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Hi,  when I hear my Silvia up to steam, steam comes out one of the tubes and bubbles into the water tank. It’s regularly descaled and backflushed. What is wrong with Miss Silvia?

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Brett H

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Welcome mate.  Is your return valve stuck open???  Scale?  Time for a service!!  If you don't like the idea of electricity, water and lots of conductive metal perhaps it's a job for a pro.  Better to have the machine offline for a bit rather than you or a family member.
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I think that items 17 and or 18 need cleaning or replacement
See image

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agreed I get my equipment serviced once per year whether it needs it or not in the end it's cheaper to service than it is to replace or repair!
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Yes, certainly sounds like service time.

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