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Author Topic: Re-working the Bodum  (Read 139 times)

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Re-working the Bodum
« on: 19/01/2019, 07:17 AM »
I've been brewing coffee for many years (71 years young).  My background is fermentation of foods and I have been trying to extract the perfect cup using the Bodum.  After years of brewing, I found that the correct extraction of the coffee grinds is in the amount of time the grinds are in a "static phase" (Not moving in any way). I found that the more time the coffee grinds remain static, the better the quality of extraction.

After getting the right coarseness of the grind, the rest is easy. I first pre-measure the volume of water that I need for the Bodum. This allows me a complete pour into the Bodum without having to measure while pouring.  I warm up the Bodum with hot water from the tap as well as the plunger which I put into a separate bowl with the hot water.  When the water is boiling in the kettle, I dump the hot water form the Bodum and pour in the boiled water.  Even though the the Bodum is warmed, the temperature of the boiled water drops almost immediately to 96C -97C.

I immediately pour the coffee grinds into the Bodum.  I then insert the plunger and plunge half way down.  This ensures the grids remain static. After 4 minutes (for my coarseness of grind), I lift the plunger up to the top which releases the gas and then slowly plunge to the bottom.  It is important to "slowly" plunge.  I believe that a fast and forceful plunge creates more and unwanted extraction.  The coffee is absolutely the best I've ever had.  Especially because I roast my own beans.  Give it a try. 

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Re-working the Bodum
« Reply #1 on: 19/01/2019, 09:59 AM »
Excellent technique and very similar to what I’m doing. I’m lucky enough to have s kettle with a temperature control so that make it a bit easier. I also noticed an improvement when I changed to a double walled plunger pot for thermal stability. This was most noticeable with lighter roasts.
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