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Wellington's best coffee

edited January 1970 in Cafe reviews
While we're mainly concerned about Australian coffee, our cousins across the Tasman have the odd good cafe, so we thought it would be good to offer them the chance to showcase their best... I'm visiting Wgn shortly, so will try and update you guys on my cafe experiences...



  • Guess I never updated this, but the coffee experience in Wellington was interesting - very similar coffee experience, dominated by a couple of roasters - L'Affare, which is now part of the Cerebos group and Havana Coffee [slightly rough, punchy blend but great website] but the best was Customs [Coffee Supreme] - we'll load full story shortly on the Crema site!
  • not at all - apparently we got one of the few non-gale force weekend's of the year ... story up now [see Crema home]! A 8)
  • Love the lead-in picture of the story - seriously cool.
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