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Welcome to Pedro, of highly successful local [& global] supplier Coffeeparts, the fifth of our six special invitees...

We understand Coffeeparts will be uploading a special offer to Crema members tomorrow morning!


[size=24pt]Coffee Parts[/size]
Address:- 14 / 75 Corish Circle
Pagewood, NSW 2035
Open Hours:
Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm
On-Site Parking available.
Phone:- Mobile: 0414 524 166
Mobile (International): +61 414 524 166

Phone: 02 9666 6114
Phone (International) : + 61 2 9666 611



  • Aah, Pedro, providore of my lovely Vibiemme Domobar Super... Welcome
  • A very warm welcome to Pedro and his shiny toys Cheers, Bruce
  • Welcome Pedro! Coffeeparts  is the absolute centre of the universe for espresso parts! The revamp of the coffeeparts website looks great too. Matt The E61 Espresso Machinery Co
  • Firstly, thank you for the warm welcome and kind words :) We are proud to become one of the six Crema Forum sponsors. For those who don't know Coffee Parts, we are an Australian company specialising in a large range of spare parts and accessories to fit most coffee machines from the 1960's until now. All products we carry can be bought online, with most orders placed before 3pm aest being despatched on the same day and delivery within 24 hours after order placement. We started as a purely online business back in 1999 supplying just spare parts, after having many difficulties re-building a 3 group Faema e61. However we quickly grew into carrying all things coffee, and these days many customers also choose to come into our warehouse/showroom. Once again, thank you for the warm welcome, and to Admin for the invite. We will also be setting up a Crema Forum page on our site, with regular specials for Crema Forum members :) Regards, Pedro Lara
  • Just a quick message to say as promised some items have been added to the Crema Forum specials page on the Coffee Parts site: In short we have added the following items: Cafetto Espresso Clean 500 grams $9.90 Pallo Coffee Tools $14.90 Tamping Seats $4.90 Tamping Mat $6.90 These items are significantly below rrp, and we will keep this page open and rotate specials constantly. We have not added machines to the Crema Forum specials, a few of the other sponsors have machines on special and I don't want to conflict with them. However we do have a permanent machines specials page on our site, in which we constantly change the machines: If you have any question or enquiries, feel free to email me: [email protected] Regards, Pedro Lara
  • Received the items i ordered only a few days ago. Great ordering system and a good range of products in the catalogue. Nice one.
  • on 1350400829:
    Great ordering system and a good range of products in the catalogue.
    Would be nice to have a search function, and for parts, a list of common machines that they fit aka cross references.  A bit like these guys.  That database of theres is amazing and I used it alot on my Wega rebuit, and ordered a few hard to find bits too. :)
  • The cremaforum special link is no longer working )-:
  • How good are these guys eh!!!  Not only super-fast processing of my order but a quick friendly email letting me know that postage wasn't as expensive as the amount that I gladly paid!  Crema forum sponsors are where it's at... Why would you go anywhere else! P.s I didn't order through the sponsors page, they would have had no idea I Mod here!!  Terrific service Coffeeparts, thank you! :thumb:
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