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Crop 2011 El Salvador Antonieta Estate 'Avalon' Maragogype now up on the website.
Best maragogype we have cupped in years.
Antonieta is one of CAFECO Group


  • New to BeanGreen this week - limited amounts available : Kenyan Gethumbwini Estate Peaberry Located in the foothills of the Aberdare Ranges, just north of Nairobi, Gethumbwini Estate covers 1000 hectares - coffee is grown on 360 hectares. Abundant wildlife is found on the estate and the farm members are educated about the importance of preserving these species, which include snakes, hares, owls, weaverbirds, hawks and, the main attraction, hippos. A combination of high altitudes (1800 metres above sea level) and rich, red volcanic soil makes Gethumbwini an ideal place to grow fine quality coffee. Tanzania Ngorongoro Blue Ngorongoro Blue is produced by smallholder farmers in Tanzania's northern highlands, close to the Ngorongoro crater and conservation area (a UNESCO world heritage site). These farmers produce no more than 50 bags of coffee a year - and many much less - with farms ranging from 1 to 20 acres in size. The farms lie at an average altitude of 1,500 metres above sea level. The coffee cherries develop slowly under mixed shade
  • New to Beangreen this week... Dominican Republic Cibao Altura de Constanza AA Grade. The best we have had from this region and a real surprise package. Opus 1 Exotic We also landed a small shipment of Opus 1 Exotic from Daterra Estate in Brazil. The first 100% Arabica coffee grown to be naturally lower in caffeine. With less than 1% caffeine. Cup of Excellences We only have a few vac paks left of the Guatemalan Carmona Estate COE and the Honduras El Filo COE. Both brilliant coffee and a must to try. Get in quick. Some new El Salvador COE's arriving in the next few months as well. Cheers Your Bean Green    here
  • New to Beangreen this week..... Ethiopian Sidamo DP Haile Selassie Best Sidamo grade. Fully washed, sun dried. Varietal - Ethiopian Heirloom. Dara area of Sidamo, Central Ethiopia. A wonderful cup with intense fruit, dried strawberry in the light roasts, and spice in the darker roasts. El Salvador Finca El Carmen City: Ataco Altitude: 1,300 metres above sea level. Variety: 100% Bourbon Processing: Fully Washed and dried on patio, Owner: Alfaro Family. Elegant and complex with a long coating sweetness, notes of plums and dark fruits. Guatemala Finca Santa Clara Bourboncillo City: Antigua. Altitude: 1,600-1,830m. Variety: 100% Bonboncillo Dwarf Bourbon. Processing: Fully Washed and dried on patio Owner: Zelaya family. Very clean, juicy and vibrant with a honey sweetness and notes of apricots
  • Hi guys, Now up on the website : We have in stock a small amount of Costa Rica La Candelilla Geisha. We have added as a 500g option as well due to the higher expense. Check out for the cuping results and the notes about the farm and the rare geisha varietal of coffee. cheers
  • Hi all, It's been a while since i've had the time to log on. We need to clear a bit of space this week and have reduced the price on some great Cup of Excellence and Mercanta sourced beans. They shouldn't last too long at these prices so get in quick. We need the space for some fantastic new Kenyans and Centrals  that we have sourced. We will run a cupping session in Brisbane for anyone who is interested in trying these beans. This will happen in the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye out i will post the details soon. Cheers Brendan.
  • I'd be up for that Brendan! (oh, I meant to say thanks for the speedy delivery and the something extra before now. Haven't had a chance to roast them yet - been waaaaay to wet!)
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