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Ministry Grounds Coffee - who we are, what we do

Ministry Grounds Coffee is all about one thing: supplying traceable, ethically-sourced, specialty single-origin estate and small farm coffees of exceptional quality to discerning coffee drinkers and home roasters.

In particular, we are pround to sell many of the extraordinary coffees sourced by Mercanta and bought to Australia by Melbourne Coffee Merchants - including exclusive micro lots and Cup Of Excellence coffees. A special service to home roasters interested in some of the best coffees available in Australia

In addition we roast-to-order any of the beans in stock in a manner designed to draw out the best qualities of each origin, and ship those anywhere in Australia.

To top it off, we carry a small, select range of coffee-related hardware, including Kyocera and Porlex hand grinders, VST Precision Filter Baskets, Coava Disks and the Mahlkonig Vario grinder.

Ministry Grounds Coffee is run by Neil & Robyn Atwood, and we started in earnest early in 2009, but has it's roots back a further 6-7 years, sourcing single bags of green coffee to split between a small group of home roasters (for those who remember Ozgreens!).
An awful lot has changed in that time, but one thing hasn't: Our commitment to quality, honesty, openness and transparency.

We are delighted to sponsor the Crema forum - we love the qualities of knowledge and friendliness shown by participants here and look forward to contributing positively to that.

The Ministry Grounds store can be found here:
The Ministry Grounds blog is here:
And we're always contactable via the store's Contact form. 
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