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ACT Area Walk In Clients

edited December 2011 in Cosmorex Coffee
Canberra Area clients kindly note.....

CosmoreX Coffee is having an equipment sale in the showroom on Saturday...

...Due to serious overstocking, retail prices on some excellent items of equipment will be shaved considerably, some by up to 1/3 off in order to move them out of our warehouse (where they cost us a bunch of interest on our overdraft), and into your households and offices where they can do the most good !

We are keeping our cards close to our chest however, and will not be advertising our very special prices in public places.

Suffice to say, you will be able to pick up brand new 2.0 litre HX semi commercials and PID'ed 2 boiler machines at unrepeatable prices, and just about everything in the showroom is on sale.

To match up with the great coffee machine prices, almost all grinders in the showroom are also on sale!

We dont mind where you "walk in" from and if you are close enough to drive in on the day, dont miss out....

If you want to know what's on before getting in your car, by all means email us at [email protected] and tell us your budget and what you're interested in and we will tell you how we can help.

Recently our new website went live but not everything has been uploaded in there yet, so please dont rely on that to give you a picture of what we stock.  If you want to will have to ask, and it will be worth your trouble  ;)

CREMA members please identify yourselves to our Crema friendly staff and receive a small token of our appreciation for keeping your purchases local  ;)

Good luck, and let CosmoreX Coffee help you with your Christmas needs this weekend.



  • Hello all. Well yesterday was our biggest trading day of all time  :thumb: thanks to the response from the small amount of advertising that was done both here and in other places, thank you to all who supported us so that we could support you. We flew out of the place yesterday afternoon without really doing any careful number crunching, it had been a very big day and we were all talked and walked out  ;) It will be interesting to see how much equipment was moved. Most of the stock we needed to clear is gone with only limited numbers remaining, but there is still plenty of our regular stock albeit also at some pretty good prices for your christmas stockings. If any of you are interested to see what we have left at very special incentivated prices, please do send us a note. Regardz, Attilio very first Crema site sponsor
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