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New world coffee roasting challenge

Anyone for a trip to Austria ?

One of my favorite countries.......


  • I wonder if home roasters will enter  :exclaim: KK
  • I'd enter but I don't think that green beans roasted in a fry pan over a camp fire and cooled with sea water would quite cut it - yep, still camping in National Park at South West Rocks: no electricity, no running water - and loving it!
  • Don't be so tough on yourself........based on coffees I've suffered through in some countries, your entry could possibly beat many nations !
  • I am not going The event is to limited with time constraints That is - 1] in a 3 day period you evaluate and choose the beans from a choice of 3 2] then roast your chosen bean 3] then evaluate by cupping The coffee that is roasted is cupped without much degas time KK
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