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Novice barista

Hey folks. I need some advice what it takes to get some barista experience. I have asked around, offered to work for FREE and still no takers!!!!  All I get is "you need two years experience"......

If you know of anyone willing to help it would be appreciated.

Weekends only and I live in Sutherland NSW and prepared to travel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • GC, why would you want to travel when White Horse are in Sutherland? I'd be interested to know if you've been there, how many times you've been there, if you've made yourself known to Matt and Dom, and of your intentions/desire to work as a Barista? If so, what was there response? Cafe owners don't like people walking in and simply asking for a job and this sort of approach makes it easy to say, 'no'.  A better approach might be to target the cafe you would like to work for, frequent it as a customer and observe how they operate, get to know each other, and with a bit of luck, the owner will offer you a job. There are a gazillion cafes and restaurants at Cronulla (are you on that train line?) where you might be able to get a job serving tables, washing dishes, or anything that will get you closer to the coffee machine. PS. While I don't think the 'Work for free' idea is a good one, you will be protected by Workcover in the event of a work-related injury - they will just hunt down the employer at some stage in the event of a claim.
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