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Barista champs this weekend

edited March 2008 in Barista news/Comps etc
The Victorian finals of the national barista champs [now renamed The 2008 Detpak Australian Barista Championships] are being held this weekend (29th & 30th March).

Time: Saturday & Sunday from 11am till 5pm

Getting There:
Physical Address: The Beach Club
Level 1, Shop 120-122
427 Docklands dr,
Waterfront City
Docklands Vic 3008
Melway reference; 2E D4

Hope many of our Victorian members can make it - don't forget to post your impressions!



  • It's actually the Vic finals this weekend, the national finals are in the first week of May, also in Melbourne.
  • Hey Andreas - missed out a couple of key words - thanks for that! -A
  • congratulations to david makin once again for winning the victorian division of the basista championships, and to con from 7gms for a well deserved 2nd place and big up to david seng from veneziano for a fantastic 3rd place which is an amazing effort for a first time competitor! Well done also to toshi from st ali for winning the cupping comp with an incredible score of 7 out of 8 in the finals & to con once again for winning the latte art comp  
  • When is the next Sydney one on? Also can you just go and watch?
  • Hi guys - just a reminder of the finals of the National Barista Champs this weekend in Melbourne! -A
  • Good luck Ian (psaigh), sorry I missed you yesterday.
  • Hi Guys, I pulled this information from the AASCA website - the heats are open to the pubic, so come along if you can and show some support!  It's awesome and awe inspiring watching these elite professionals compete at this level and YES I am talking about making coffee! Finals Programme* - National Finals - Melbourne 3 - 4th May, 2008 Saturday 3rd May - Open Heats/Repecharge Heats - 8:30am                         - Latte Art National Championship - 4:00 pm                         - Presentations and Announcements - 6pm                         - Social Dinner event - 7pm (Venue TBC) Sunday 4th May   - ABC Final - Start 10am                         - Cup Tasting Championship event and final - 3pm start                         - Announcments and presentations - 5pm                         - Drinks and After party (by invitation)- 7:30pm FINALS VENUE THE BEACHCLUB, DOCKLANDS, WATERFRONT CITY, MELBOURNE for details and address. See you there! cheers, pat
  • Hi guys - congratulations to David Makin - winner of this year's Australian Barista Champs. It was a great event, and David was a worthy winner. Hopefully will be loading pics [under Pics/Fun stuff] tomorrow evening, but once again, congratulations to David for an excellent win! - A
  • yes congratulations to David Makin on yet again pulling out an outstanding performance! the results for the comp are as follows: 1.  David Makin - Victoria   2. Con Haralambopolous - Victoria   3. Jen Murray - Western Australia Cupping Champion Catherine Ferrari - WA Latte Art Champion Habib Maarbani - NSW This is also David's final year in competitions, as he has vowed to next year coach his girlfriend, Zoe, to compete at an elite level! (not that she needs much help IMHO!) Congratulations also to all who attended making it a couple of spectacular days of competition Note to the organisers: Please, next time open a bloody window!  It was like an oven in there!
  • ... by the way, a big congratulations to our very own Ian Callahan [alias Psaigh] who made it to the final eight - great work Ian - you'll have to take a couple of posts to run us through how it went in your mind, on the day! Once again CONGRATULATIONS A
  • First off, Wow!!  What a fantastic weekend!!  So much great coffee and above all, great, passionate people.  It was an honour to be surrounded by some the industries best.  The lead up was extatic, having gotten into Mebourne on thursday, i'd had a few days to wind in, get around, and sample some of melbourne's finest! Then watching the competitors on the saturday (during the open heat), was an awesome opportunity to let the nerves build up, and wind em back down, while watching some fantastic performances all round!  The standard on the day was so amazing, and my hat goes off to con for managing to climb to the top of the pack and walk away with the gold.  The opens were truly a national level comp of their own accord. So then onto the main event, the Nationals!! Myself and a few other competitors (Dave, Anna, Jen and Con) got in real early to scam an extra 10mins on the machine to dial in our grinders and for some, to tweak our blends.  Silly me, i tasted my seasoning shot and freaked out by the inherent bitterness in my blend that i couldn't work out where it was coming from.  But a few moments later (probably when the caffiene kicked my brain into gear ;)) i realised how dumb i'd been.   Still, it was at this point that another problem arised, my coffee.  You see, one of the key points to my blend was a very rare, super delicious single origen from columbia that had been roasted and shipped from a very talented and respected roaster in Minnisota, united states.  The problem was, that due to int'l shipping and customs i hadn't received my actual shipment of coffee i had panned to bring with me.  Consequently i had to bring a much smaller ammount of my blend using a slightly older batch of the same coffee from columbia (just 1kilo, 14days off the roast). Two days prior the blend was still tasting fantastic, really something special.  But on the morning of the comp, tasting my shots, the blend had lost it's finesse.  It was still good, but not the Wow factor i was tasting two days proir.  My blend had just passed it's prime. I was devistated, but then that was always going to be the risk trying to coordinate a blend of coffee from several different roasters.  So i shrugged off my anger, tightened up the shots slighty to sqeeze a little more juice out of them, and decided to have a bit more fun with my performance, and not take it all too seriously...
  • Hi guys - the second instalment of Ian's recounting of his experiences [deleted by mistake]: the day was spent polishing my cups and glassware, calming my nerves, pacing, chatting to a few of the other competitors and friends, pacing some more, and helping my wife chase after my little huricane of a son
  • Final note from Ian re: his experiences at barista champs: once again, i'll just quickly re-itterate that it was a fantastic weekend allround.
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