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2012 Maitland Aroma Festival

Good afternoon! Plannning for Maitland Aroma fest is well underway, with the festival scheduled for August 18-19. There will again be more chocolate and coffee than you can poke a stick at, as well as a barista, latte art and home barista competitions. Visit for more information!

Stay tuned for more details and exciting announcements...

I hope to see you all there!



  • Hi MA and welcome to Crema forum.  I hope you stick around and contribute to the threads.  I for one would be sad to hear from you only once a year.  Also, as part of this thread why not revisit and add to it with photos, videos and other things that we who are sitting many miles away can engage with.  You certainly haven't sold me with your first post but the family needs a holiday...  TDF Good luck and welcome!
  • on 1357749011:
    The Maitland Aroma Event is a coffee and chocolate event that is designed to prevent the winter cool with the best regional coffee roasters, a delightful range of sweets and much more including bottles of wine, sweets, regional delicacies and fresh produce through participants, presentations and shows.
    That reads like a brochure mate. Are you on the committee?? 
  • For the record guys blatant commercial plugs without prior approval will be removed - sponsorship of the forum is a great way to promote your product :)
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