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After the old forum software breaking in a way that we were unable to fix, we've migrated the site to a new platform.

Some elements aren't working as we'd hoped - some avatars didn't survive the transition, and we're still having issues with attachments that weren't added as inline images, but we're hoping to have that all sorted out soon.

Arrarex Caravels Project

edited January 1970 in Projects & Rebuilds
As fellow Crema members would know I have been quietly collecting a few Arrarex Caravels through contacts I have in Italy. My plan is to have one really first class machine for myself, restore the others, convert to Australian power supply and quietly sell on to enthusiasts who dont have either the confidence or connections to but from overseas.

This one is the best to date in terms of internal condition, here it is upside down with the base off, ready for the old power cord to be replaced.

And here is the kettle element,

Finally, the second pour on it, check out the big air bubble hanging off the PF spout - a characteristic of the end of manual lever pulls.


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