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2009 South Australian Barista Comp

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This event will be held fri and sat 12th and 13th september (2008).  I know the whole year thing is a bit confusing, but it's just the way it is.  :-?

Not quite sure about times but it's scheduled to be in the afternoon on both days, held at the Royal Adelaide show.  Numbers permitting, alongside the regional barista competition, there will also be a state latte art comp, and cupping competition.

Registration cut off is 5pm august the 15th so if you live in SA and are thinking about entering check out the royal adelaide show website and get your entry forms in asap. Otherwise we look forward to seeing you come along and support your favourite barista's!!


  • Sorry but: Was going to enter But. Why are the prizes from NON SA companies, Come on SA we dont need other states interfering with our show or our coffee. Why not bring baristas from other states as well? Theres plenty of SA companies, Im sure That would be willing to sponsor. Good on RIO
  • Well, actually Five senses IS now based in SA (along with perth and melbourne).  Granted, it's only new to SA, but their presence is here to stay. And as for other SA companies putting up the sponsorship, it's really a catch twenty two.  In recent years Rio has been a major sponsor, only to receive crap about it when a barista using rio coffee has won the title.  The same is true for five senses in perth and veneziano in melbourne.  So it's really a hard fence for a potential sponsor to sit on. Usually sponsoring such comps, a company has a lot more to lose than gain.  So it takes a lot of balls to willingly put forward sponsorship, knowing that if one of "your" barista's does well you'll have acusation after acusation thrown at you, and yet still decide to put forward the commitment. I mean look at it now, five senses (2nd major sponsor, only to AASCA) have put their hand up to help and here you are complaining already that they're not south australian and that that's the reason why your not entering.  See what I mean, it's a tough gig. And Aroma fresh (SA), while not an official sponsor, has clocked up many many hours in the organisation of the competition, and will recieve on thanks or mention for it (thanks bill!), and beleive me, there are many others. And as for willing SA companies, the fact is, there aren't.  Every year the board tries to obtain sponsorship from as many coffee related (and even non-coffee related) companies, only to be continually turned away.  And this encompases most of all of those "proud to be south australian" roasters.
  • You're absolutely right, Ian. Not to mention that competitions aren't allowed to be sponsored, as such, by specific companies, only AASCA. In that, while companies are encouraged to cough up the cash, equipment and time, most times it's very hard to show them any acknowledgement other than that on the day. So like Ian said, aside from getting crap from competitors they also get crap if they provide people/equipment and for whatever reason something goes wrong. Plus bigger, interstate companies have more to give. With every year that the competitions grow and more companies want to get involved. So the more competitors we have the better chances of bigger prizes, more sponsors, better comps. IMHO.
  • What about Cafetto - aren't they based in Adelaide? -dR
  • Yeah, cafetto are based in SA and in previous years have always helped out with the comps.  I haven't heard anything about them this year (in terms of lending a hand) but I'm sure Chris will be around in some way shape or form. ;)
  • So Who's In? Last day tomorrow- (15th) to enter It will be My first Comp. Give it an Go See You There Mark
  • Yayy, good to hear you're entering mark.  I put my hand up for all three just for laughs ;)
  • So far we have 13 entrants in the SA barista comp compeditors are already training on the machines (supplied by Rio) at Aroma Fresh's training rooms. Grinders are from the SA Coffee Acadamy. We have a lot of first timers this year with a few old hands having a crack at different events. The Barista Comp kicks of on Friday the 12th in the demonstration kitchen in the brand new pavillion at 3ish. Saturday 3ish sees the latte Art followed by the cupping. Cafetto is one of AASCA's sponsers and Chris has again put his hand up for Judging Duties. I am proud to say that we have been able to supply 7 of the 9 judges from within the state. Coffee for the cupping comp is also coming from a local roaster. Cheers Bill 8-)  
  • OK Bill, thanks for the update! -A
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