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2009 South Australian Barista Competition-Results!

Well last fri and saturday at the royal adelaide show, the SA regional's barista, latte art and cupping championships were held.  It was a BIG couple of days for everyone involved, with the barista comp starting at 3pm on the Fri and not finnishing till 9:30pm!!  The final results were:

1st place/ Fiefy  - Using Fiori coffee (from WA) with a massive score of 710!!
2nd place/ Ian Callahan (me) - using five senses coffee (score, 660)
3rd place/ Even - Using the Aroma Fresh blend he serves in his cafe (Soul Food) (score 560, i think?)

The next day we had the latte art and cupping comps, which kicked off at around 3:30pm and finnished around 7pm.  Here are the results:

1st Place/ Johnny Pisenneli (who works sometimes at Cibo, norwood, but is a studying pastry chef)- using Five Senses coffee
Runner Up/ Mark Bowler (BraceGirdles)- using Atomica

1st place/ Brian Raslan - Proprietor of the SA coffee academy with 5 correct at 5min 35sec
2nd and 3rd place/ Jointly held by Ian Callahan (me) of Five Senses and Anya Sereda (who doesn't really work anywhere, though sometimes at the Coffee Barun) with 5 correct at 8min 00sec
Congratulations to all the competitors who all did a fantistic job, and a big BIG pat on the back for Matty (Donas650) who did an extraordinary job running around keeping the whole thing together!!


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