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Addis Ababa macchiato

edited August 2012 in Cafe reviews
Here's a pic of a 'standard' macchiato served up in Ethiopia. Looks a bit funny but tasted great, and cost only thirty cents !!    I suspect they pour the milk first...  All the cafes I visited seem to be using levers of varying age.


  • more pics please :) it'd be interesting to see what cafe's in those countries look like!
  • I distinctly remember some of my travels in the middle east, lounging in a nondescript cafe, sipping coffees made with evaporated milk, smoking a hookah and playing cards.  Not the hustle and bustle of today's establishments.  Mind you, the internet was extremely young at that stage, and nobody had a mobile phone.
  • on 1346374304:
    more pics please :) it'd be interesting to see what cafe's in those countries look like!
    Here's some pics (not mine, courtesy tripadvisor) from a good one I visited on a previous visit. Most shops don't use lighting during the day, so when you first walk in, it's so dark you can't see a damn thing...  You pay your money to the cashier in the white coat at the front counter, collect a plastic token, then walk to the back (last pic) and order your coffee. filename-img-20120607.jpg filename-l1050145-jpg.jpg different-kind-of-beans.jpg the-grind.jpg filename-img-2815-jpg.jpg
  • What a great thread Love the authenticity of the moment in the birthplace of coffee How's life in that part of the wild world Borat KK
  • great thread Borat--love it!! Keep em' coming!!
  • Nice one Borat!  I love the Fawlty Towers-esque wall mounted Stag above the door in the last one.  :laugh:
  • Is moose Mr Fawlty :rofl:
  • Here's some more random pics to give you a feel for the place.  Highly recommend for a visit if you every get the chance. A pic of a traditional dish.  Meat in the middle, surrounded by mounds of different spicy sauces, all laid out on top of a spongy, sour flat bread called injera: IMG_3931_z.jpg And this is the cultural restaurant where it was served.  Extremely cheap, and live music + dancing all night.  Mid way through the performance a shoulder contortionist put on a show too! IMG_3923_z.jpg Nearly all the taxi's are very small, 40yr old broken down Fiat's like this one.  Bit of squish to get into, and top speed about 30kph - not that you would be wanting to go much faster on the roads there anyway...  No traffic lights, even at 5 or six way intersections.  Everything somehow seems to make it through to the other side. IMG_4315_z.jpg IMG_4390_z.jpg This guy was standing in the middle of the road.  Apparently there is an Ethiopian fable about a goat, and that's why the stone is there.  (I forgot the details of the story already.....) IMG_4011_z.jpg
  • love the pics! and that meat dish surrounded by sauces, man i'm starving now lol
  • on 1346462688:
    love the pics! and that meat dish surrounded by sauces, man i'm starving now lol
    I adore this type of cuisine also.  Anything with condiments and the spicier, the better!  Great pics and great thread!
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