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Azkoyen M01 burr adjustment

edited December 2012 in Grinders
I finally  decided it was tme to tune up my Azkoyen M01 grinder today.

Ever since I got  it (used, ex-commercial), it  has struggled to grind fine enough with  some beans, although most are  OK.
The grind  setting is a simple knob on the front with 19 numbered settings and click stops at each setting.

Took the front off, emptied out 62 grams of coffee  from the unused side of the dispenser - my grinder had a modification to dose on demand  out the right hand dispenser and v grounds seem to build up in the  other chute.

Once clean, I checked the adjustment knob and it has a 2mm Allen grub screw holding it in place. Slackened this and carefully removed the knob. There is a spring loaded plunger behind the knob to  provide clear tactile feedback on the adjustment - this engaged with hollows on the rear of the brass collar attached to the knob. The knob acts on a stainless screw that goes directly into the grind chamber

Adjustment is easy, no need to remove the adjuster knob.
slacken the grub screw then simply turn the knob slightly anticlockwise  and retighten the grub screw if  you  want  to be  able to grind finer.

Mine is now set so the burrs are  just beginning to  rub at the finest  setting.

Road  test tomorrow.  What  used to be the finest setting is now two  thirds of the way round, leaving heaps of adjustment available either way.


  • After resetting grind, it was definitely producing better grinds, but still unable to grind fine enough for espresso with all beans. New burrs (xmas present) installed yesterday and tested this morning. I set the grind same as before - almost rubbing at finest setting. Using same beans as for the last few days, I now use setting 6 (out of 20) whereas before it was around 18 or 19. see photos of the burrs that came out
  • Hi, does anyone know how to open up the azkoyen m01 Grinder. I took the 2 screws out of the top (near the hopper) and slid the top off, must is still seems to be connected to the body.

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