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10th birthday celebrations for Pullman Tampers

edited December 2012 in Accessories
Just letting you know this month is our 10th birthday! December 13 2002 was when we shipped the first tamper and 10 years later we're still making 100% Australian tampers. I know many of you have supported our products over that time and provided valuable feedback and support, so I say thank you to you all. It has been an amazing journey and great getting to know so many of you! The celebrations are starting next Thursday with some commemorative products but out of respect to the sponsors I'm not going to 'advertise' what they are, but as a general note if you want to grab a standard tamper, see the friendly site sponsors Jetblack or CosmoreX!


P.S. Mods if this is not OK please feel free to delete as must have happened with last week's post. Would just appreciate the courtesy of being told if this happens.


  • Congratulations! Unfortunately (or fortunately, should I say) I've already got a Pullman tamper, and I refuse to have a collection like Tim does! You're doing yourself out of repeat business by making something so bulletproof!
  • Congratulations on ten years Mr Pullman I have had 2 or 3 Pullman tampers and my current one is a Barista model Very happy Here's to another 10 more years KK
  • WTF??? I thought you had been in business longer than that Greg. I have seen Pullman tampers for sale in most quality coffee retail outlets (and for several years now), so it is  impressive that they have become so much a part of the scenery in a short time. I would suggest a release on the website sometime mid evening - just because that is when a lot of people are online. after work, after family dinners, before bed time for most.
  • That is nice and congrats to you too. I have seen this at many coffee shops and much familiar with it.
  • A little late Lynda32 !..   Greg P sold his business and retired from involvement  6 months ago. :doh:
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