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Sunday roasting at Lachim's place

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We just did 2/ 600gr batches and both came out great,

the first batch had a rolling smoking crack going off like a Chinese new year even after dumping it!

we were not so lucky pulling shots on the Quickmill, just was not the day for it I guess, never dialed in the grind.

Michael did make a legend Latte with some Panama beans he had, it was the best Latte I have ever had,

he did the milk flawlessly, the latte was seamless as if the milk and coffee were fused as one liquid, even when I set it down and came back to it 5-10 min later there was no separation at all, it was just so smooth and silky, really delicious.

I don't know how Michael stays so humble? 

I f had a machine like his, my head would be the size of his boiler!

Thanks Michael, can't wait to try the low cafe Brazilian we roasted!


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