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Water filter install

edited January 1970 in Accessories
I picked up this system from Bezzera. Very simple bayonet type manifold, pressure reducing valve a few reducers and a braided hose.


  • This is where it has to go. My plumber was too lazy to fit stop cocks to the supply lines ( should be mandatory) so I'll be fitting these at the same time. I'll also be adding a few extra elbows to bring the filter outlet back towards the mixer for a nicer termination. This system is good for 5 micron and will treat all cold water coming out of the kitchen mixer. I could have gone with a 1/2 micron unit to remove crypto & giardia but it would mean cutting a hole in my SS bench for a separate tap ( with very low flow rate due to the fine filtering) and its a bit unnecessary in my opinion unless filtering tank water.
  • Ok, take 1. Only 1 mid install trip to get another elbow fitting but otherwise piece of cake. I'm not happy with the reduced flow through the mixer though so I'll relent and fit a separate tap tomorrow.
  • Nice and neat mate!  Absolutely get a separate tap and split the filtered to that... the low-flow would be really annoying in a 'first old problem' sort of way... :pan
  • Its slow enough to make use the hot side of the mixer instead  :rofl: Never mind, I'll fix it tomorrow
  • Thanks for the pics D.  I run the digipure 9000s bench system from the laundry. Since the washing machine is on its own system, that mixer tap in the trough gets very little use compared to the kitchen sink.  I have used your pics and looked at my set up & suggested to the wife I can do something below without 'drilling' holes and get rid of the bench top system in the future.  She's positive onit!  I'll wait until I use all my filters but a future project for sure!  I am like you D, I could run a direct line into the Alex but that means either cutting granite - not a chance in hell or having to smash internal noggins out to feed through the pipe work... Not a job I want to do.  On the flip side, I top my tank up every night as part of my routine. Once again, thanks for the pics D  :thumb: Jonty
  • No worries Jonty. Its easy as, really. Just need a mental picture where you want things to go paying attention to hose length and connection angles. You can get those braided hoses with a 90 degree SS fitting to help with tighter spaces. Helps to have a plumbing shop or bunnies near by for mid install fittings  :D
  • Ok, all done. Looks like a bit of a spiders web but its all logical to me  :D Flushed the boiler out and ran a heap of new water through the HX and then poured this awesome Mt. Elgon striper. :thumb:
  • Today's installation by seabreezecoffee, a 1um prefilter in a 3M HF15-MS to a mixer tap. So my Alex will have premium water!
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