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Offero cups

edited January 1970 in Accessories
Weird looking things but I kind of like the look.
I thought some of the claims were a bit too much.

So I bought one. The "espresso" 3oz cup.

The walls are quite thin. Don't really see them working well in a cafe. Might break too easily and may not stack too well on top of a machine.
Putting it upside down it does sit very stable, didn't think it would.

Fit and sits nice in the hand. Also nice to have a handle that you can put your finger through. Though I seemed to always grab it with my left hand and wrap my fingers around it.

Heat retention is also good. I think it may have to do with the shape being more of a cylinder rather than a "cone".

Tipping it up to drink did hit the bridge of my nose. Isn't that annoying though.
Of course this would be different for different people of course.

So, did it "really enhanced the nose of your beverage"?
Another surprise. It absolutely did.
The smell was as least 3 times stronger with a much much bigger body, depth and complexity. Very enjoyable.
Which brings me back to the "not for cafe" point. The purpose of this cup would get lost on the general public.
Then again it might help with a point of difference or to broaden the public's knowledge on coffee (smell it, don't just drink it!)

I think this is going to be my favourite espresso cup.
Will definitely be buying the wine and spirit glasses.


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