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help me use up my bag ends

edited January 1970 in Roasted Beans or Blends
Help me with a bag end blend.

As I have only a few beans left of some bags, what can I blend  to use up my
PNG kimmel peaberry (80 grams)
Tanza Tec (40 grams)
Sulawesi Bukit Marante (135 grams)

Total roast size 200-250gram

I also posted my current bean stash on the appropriate thread, but have a reasonable selection.
I am thinking the Tanza Tec and peaberry with something else to round it out, but not sure what will roast well with them.

Perhaps the Sulawesi with some Harrar and a touch of Indian Elk hill?

Any thoughts?


  • I would just chuck all the bag ends in with enough of a Sth American bean to make up a batch!
  • Bag end blends are fantastic, but make sure you document what you did.  I did a fantastic one in a rush, and it was amazing... could I remember what I did.  Nope!  :tearhair: What batch size are you aiming for?
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