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Aust Internat Coffee Awards

Aka MICE coffee comp.

We picked up 3 Bronze medals this year, got the news day before yesterday.

Results not yet released overall, they are just at this stage advising individual competitors of their results (ie "interim results").

Very happy with our result as 2 of the three medals are for commercial blends we roast and deliver to regular cafe clients to botch up and turn into lartays and kapparchinos in their oversize crockery and 14 oz take away cups. ie, 2 of our regular commercial blends sent out to day in and day out milk coffee use.
Class Description: Cappuccino Blend.

The 3rd award was for an SO we sell over the counter. Class
Description: SO Espresso.

Very happy.


  • Well done A. We also picked up a pair of Bronze medals for our everyday coffees - Suuweet (milk) and Espresso (espresso)
  • Well done Sponsors.  Having tried offerings from both of you Crema members who haven't tried Cosmorex or MyCuppa coffees Ya missing out!! Get to it folks!
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