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pi** easy chocolate mousse surprise

4 eggs.
1 bar lindt 70% or similar (200g I think)
A surprise

Separate eggs.
Melt chocolate in a bowl using your favoirite method.
While chocolate melting, beat egg whites until soft peaks form
Allow chocolate to cook slightly, but not solidify.
Mix in egg yolks thoroughly
Gently fold in egg whites

Place the surprise in the bottom of ramekins and add mousse on top.

Chill until set


Serves one, two at a pinch. The original recipe said four, but i find that hard to believe.

As for the surprise, if I told you what it is, it  wouldn't be a surprise.

I suggest you use your imagination. A habanero, candied orange,  couple raspberries. Whatever


  • 4 eggs and a bar of Lindt...and 'serves one'....:O .... and people thought my truffle cake was indulgent !! Got he ingredients, will try this tomorrow! ;) L
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