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No-fail icecream... 2 ingredients ;)

500ml cream, ice-cold ( pure/whipping cream is better, thickened cream will do at a pinch)
2 cans of sweetened condensed milk.

open the cans of condensed milk; to make it flow a bit easier,  gently heat the milk (au bain marie, still in the can) to only  just more than 35 degrees C.

whip the cream until stiff peaks form; fold  the condensed milk through the cream.
add any flavourings/filling if desired (fruit, nuts, choc chips)
pour into shallow dish; freeze until set.


  • on 1374290975:
    2 cans of sweetened condensed milk.
    Sounds good. What size cans of milk ? Have you tried a coffee flavor ?..if so, how much espresso ?... ( guessing at a double shot ).
  • Standard cans, C.... around 250ml....the idea is to have the two ingredients 50/50. No, have not tried coffee yet, did shaved choc, walnuts, berries ( defrosted, mashed,  then mixed through, otherwise you will break a tooth...) and several liqueurs. I would think that , if you want to use coffee, maybe use  a ristretto, as the more liquid you introduce in the mix, the harder the icecream will be. ; L)
  • OK ..a little feedback. I can only find condensed milk in 325ml cans ?? so 250 ml cream..whipped + i can of condensed  milk, + a double restretto = about 800 ml of VERY SWEET "Latte"  ice cream.. .. but nice if you like a sweet latte type coffee. Soooo. 2nd attempt. 250 ml of cream + 160ml ( 1/2 a can) of condensed milk + double restretto = 800ml of  VERY NICE "latte" ice cream. Truly excellent ! and so quick /easy to do Cost about $3.0 This is going to make one killer of a iced latte come summer time !! TIP : mix the 2xrestretto with the condensed milk before folding it into the whipped cream. It will cool the coffee and "thin" the milk to make the mixing easier with the cream. Thanks Lizzi. ! :thumb:
  • slightly off topic but has anyone else been to those retail icecream joints that make each individual flavour to order using frozen nitrogen? theres one in noosa another in brisbane (I think) and I say one on brunswick st, fitzroy, the other day - ridiculously expensive ($7 for one heaped scoop) but flippin unbelievable flavours! only tried the one in noosa - after noticing the prices I walked away, and passed a comment in the fashion shop next door, along the lines of, "Can you believe those prices?" To which the owner replied, "Dont thin of it as icecream, think of it as an individually crafted desert that you would probably pay big bucks for in a top restaurant" And this seems to be a fair comparison Just curious to know if anyone else as taken the plunge, so to speak? P
  • Icecream brings back old memories. Try the following for a seriously rich base (for the ristretto!) 1 tin sweetened condensed milk 1 tin evaporated milk 1 tin whipping cream ( as in same volume as other two) Rest as per above. JL
  • Wow ! :o equal parts condensed, evaporated, and cream !.. That is a seriously heavy sugar hit ! ..Too rich for me  for sure. Has anyone tried the old trick of stirring the mix as it sets in the freezer ?
  • i made the cream/condensed sweetened milk ice-cream once in the ice cream maker.. consistency was about the same as the not-stirred version, so i am now lazy and just make the mix and plonk it in the freezer ;) ;) L
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