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LONDINIUM Button Tamper

edited August 2013 in Accessories
Yesterday I received a care package in the mail from Reiss at LONDINIUM espresso, containing the new button tamper, a couple of D'Ancap espresso cups and some coffee.

It was sent our Thursday night from London, using DHL (their standard shipper) arriving Monday morning. Pretty damn quick.

Nice packaging too:


The tamper was something I've had my eye on for a while, if only because my short stubby fingers don't reach the basket when using my Pullman - I like to feel the rim of the basket for a tactile sense of the evenness of the tamp.

Looking at the pics already online, it looks deceptively large, though logically you know it can't be.

Here it is against the Pullman:


And gripped:


First impressions
The very first attempt at using it, I wasn't sure I'd hold onto it. It's very, very different to use than the Pullman. Not just the style of it, but the balance and weight.

By the second attempt I felt a bit more secure about it.

And now it's my primary tamper - the Pullman stays out for my wife to use.

Once you get to grips with it, I think it offers some serious benefits - primarily that it's pretty much impossible to gorilla tamp with this thing.

If anything, it's shown me that that's exactly what I was relying on, the indication being that I'm having to figure out what my new dosage should be: ever since starting to use the button tamper I've been overdosing (by volume) and hitting the showerscreen.

My pours haven't changed - I still get my typical 10+ secs before the first drops appear for a full 30ml double ristretto. But now it's coming out of about 19.5g rather than 20.6. Still dialing it in, will edit when I've got it nailed.

So all in all, that's a big thumbs up from me.

The D'Ancaps are a thing of beauty also. Nice, thick walls and a great mouthfeel. Like the Nuova Pointe cups, they still fit nicely under a double spout... unlike the ACF which requires precision aim! :D

EDITED TO ADD: Please note my commercial disclosure statement below.


  • I saw some similar looking tampers on and wondered what the deal was with them. Thanks for answering that for me. Yours does look about 10 times better and shinier though.
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