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Bolivia, Colonia Taypiplaya - Londinium espresso

Along with the tamper, Reiss also sent over a pack of Bolivia, Colonia Taypiplaya single origin.

It took a few attempts to dial this in - a two degree drop on the BZ07 and a slightly tighter grind finally nailed it.

Roasted on July 29 I'd waited seven days after receipt to crack this one, which should put it right in the sweet spot.

Before getting it dialled in, the shots were good but unremarkable.

Now that all the stars are in alignment, I'm getting some sensational shots.

Those of you that know me realise my taste differentiation isn't great, but it's something I've been working on (with the help of Lamkin Lane!).

I noted fruity tones that weren't at all citrusy - blackcurrant or cherry perhaps. In addition to a dark cocoa chocolate undertone. The mouthfeel was full without smacking you around the head and it had an exceptionally long finish - I was still tasting those fruity flavours 30 minutes later. Minimal acidity.

My wife was quite critical (as always) of the first two shots, but once I nailed it I got a big wow out of her also.

There are no tasting notes on the product page on the Londinium site, but since starting this review I found another site which lists dark plums, lime and pineapple. The limes I don't get, but the dark plum in particular I relate to.

Good stuff, wish I could get it regularly.

This is one I'd like to track down and try roasting for myself.


  • Can't you order more from Reiss?
  • I can, but with the Aussie dollar and shipping costs it's getting up there in terms of total cost until you start purchasing several kilos at a time. Good value for UK residents and Europeans however.
  • Maybe a group buy- spread the love, an all that...? Then again with all the good beans available locally.... Now there's a thought... Maybe put a word in to the wholesalers to keep an eye out at the next buying market? Especially with new warehouses opening...
  • CoffeeHorse actually did something similar earlier in the year and bought up big with MCM. The general thought was we didn't want to do too many group buys as it undercuts our sponsors.
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