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KKTO Wire Agitator as Alternative

I have been asked by email many times to design an easy DIY agitator to suit all variations of the KKTO roaster
It posed a few challenges but I was up to the task

After some 20 or so designs trialed and tested I found the best performing design was archived by using the wire strands from a whisk, directly coupled onto the shaft

The design brief was set to myself to be -
1) Economical easy to obtain parts / items
2) Home handyman can make it
3) Work equally well as the solid blade
4) Adjustable to suit any KKTO variant roaster
5) Adjustable at time of build to any width of roast chamber

The design brief was actualy exceeded
Below is a series of build photos and a diagram for all to follow easily

Parts required to do the job - shaft, wire, securing plate,

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