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excellent citrus shorties. many variations

Made this recipe up the other week, a variation on a wartime recipe of my grandmother's

180gram flour
60gram cornflour
180gram nuttella
60gram sugar (plus extra for coating)
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
Zest of one orange (or lemon or lime)

Cream fat and sugar
Add zest and essence and mix
Add flours and mix
Roll into balls about 2.54cm diameter
Roll in sugar to coat
Place on baking tray and flatten slightly

Bake in medium oven until done (JUST starting to brown) about 20min

Original was in imperial quantities, did you guess?
Original had custard powder rather than cornflour and no essence or zest.
Egg/dairy free because they were not  available back then. Still delicious due to fatty sugary goodness

You may want to double quantities.


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