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Trend to lighter roasting

I have been doing a lot of light roasts specifically for pourover, I extracted a few espressos from these light roasts and they were revolting, a few coffee lovers may enjoy this mega acidity but 99% of the population would loath them! I will continue to do my light roasts for brewing methods and roast my espresso single origins and blends to more traditional levels :coffee2:


  • Light roasts are my preference as well. I literally can't stomach dark roasts. If espresso is your only option then, to my tastes, the preferred alternative is a 50% blend of light and dark roasts. A few weeks ago I did a largish roast of Eth Yirgacheffe. Yirgacheffe in my opinion is wasted as a dark roast, as the florals and citrus are sacrificed. I  rarely start consuming my roasts before 10 days of rests. As per Greenman, these didn't work well as an espresso...until after 3 weeks. I then enjoyed a few lovely lattes and long blacks. I used the remaining 60 grams of the Yirgacheffe in my recently acquired Yama cold dripper. This yielded about 700mL of coffee and the result was brilliant. If you haven't tried before, you MUST give cold brewing a try .
  • Hi guys - took a couple of posts from Melbourne cafes thread, as I thought it warranted the beginnings of a new topic [above two posts] for general comment: A
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