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After the old forum software breaking in a way that we were unable to fix, we've migrated the site to a new platform.

Some elements aren't working as we'd hoped - some avatars didn't survive the transition, and we're still having issues with attachments that weren't added as inline images, but we're hoping to have that all sorted out soon.

Freight Charges

Hi All,
Sorry everyone, we couldn't continue with our free freight for orders over $50. Courier's charges have been going up and up of late. We have had to bump the free freight minimum to $75 with a delivery fee of $10 for orders under $75. Still a great deal we think.
On other news our warehouse in Everton Park is open for pick ups and the long overdue upgrade on our website is nearly complete!!! Thanks for hanging in there so long!
Cheers Brendan, Al and Lara.


  • Thanks for the info Brendon. It,s a pity that it,s a sign of the times and the previous government has not done any favours to small buisnesses. Increases in fuel prices as well as running costs to couriers certainly do hurt as a flow on effect to other business. My orders are usually $200+ anyway due to roasting for other people. For sure still a great deal. Thanks for providing the service.:)
  • Brendan,  it is still money for jam in the service you offer.  With a couple kg's of some speciality beans on top of my normal order, that is easy to hit.... It's more difficult for one to refrain from spending!! Happy Xmas ! Jonty
  • Brendan, no drama, my orders are plenty bigger than $75 anyway and your freight deal means you are my sole supplier of greens. Its still the best deal in the country! Happy to give you my business.
  • I don't think I've ever placed an order under $75 anyhow.  Great service you guys offer!!  Can't wait to come to the warehouse for a visit!
  • I usually order $100 minimum too, so no dramas.  Might effect someone doing popper roasts though.  Still $10 isn't bad for freight these days. :) Still working through my stash though, and pick up sounds like a great option for the Brisbanites! Keep up the great work!
  • No problem Brendan, I don't think I've ever made an order under $100 either. You gladly still have my business.
  • Seriously, with service like this... Ordered yesterday, box arrived at my home today before I did.  Exemplary service!!  Brilliant, thank you again BeanGreen!
  • Sweet as here Brendan.  :thumb:
  • I find the difficulty in trying to spend under two hundred dollars  ;) Look forward to dropping in for a sack our two. Chester
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