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That dreaded topic: water filters!

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I am coming up to replacing my ZIP filter with one like this:

I however considering one like this:

Brains trust, advise me please. 

Sometime ago Cosmorex ran a special on water softening canisters.  Are these a better option?? 

How's that for a Tuesday can of worms!


  • on 1390263817:
    What's that worth?
  • I just use a taste/odour filter.  Is the water that bad in Brisbane?  Personally I think most people don't need them and worry too much!  Test your water or look it up on the water companies web site.  They publish the results for each area.
  • on 1390271188:
    What's that worth?
    Seabreeze coffee installed mine, so trade discount ;) I've got a 5um prefilter going into the 3M highflow that D has linked. Nice little kit this one!.  There are some pics of the install of mine in with D's original post on his installation.  We love it as it comes in on a separate cold line into a mixer tap in the laundry for which never gets utilised.  Great for coffee and filling up water bottles for the family. 
  • Brett, I have to get a new head for the high flow filter but I suspect I should get out of it under 2 hunge all said and done. Once I dig my plumbers trade papers out of the cornflakes box of course  :D The Jontmeister should be able to provide more accurate pricing
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    Brett, I have to get a new head for the high flow filter but I suspect I should get out of it under 2 hunge all said and done. Once I dig my plumbers trade papers out of the cornflakes box of course  :D The Jontmeister should be able to provide more accurate pricing
    All good really, I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice in regards to the quality of the 3rd part job?  Are these things like grinder burrs where you buy the manufacturers product or ris an inferior copy??
  • Hi Brett Me too...I have a Zip filter at home needing replacement and this will be the first filter I'm choosing to replace myself (after a couple of paid service calls in the past I figure surely I can do it this time). I bought it at Reece. Maybe I'll get a non genuine filter next year so I'm interested to see how you go  if indeed you go down the non genuine route. Zip Filter Uploads/image_zpsbf347df0.jpg And it's time also to replace the filters for the coffee machine. Looking to change the current twin setup to a single triple action filter (still researching) Current setup: Uploads/image_zps5e39dcab.jpg Seeya
  • Brett. Funny you should mention the special we were running way back on the water softener/filter canisters....I had totally forgotten about that. There may be a small number left so if anyone wants one, please contact me off forum and I'll take a look. These are primarily SOFTENERS (ie removers of elements that would otherwise - if not removed from the water - turn into scale inside your machine), and PARTICLE FILTERS. In commercial use situations it is recommended they be *recharged* every 21 days. In a home use situation there is significantly less throughput therefore, pick an arbitrary interval to recharge at your convenience (eg 60days?) Recharging (or "depurating") is where you rejuvenate the water softeners ability to capture scale making elements from the water passing through to the machine. The secondary beneficial effect of "recharging" to keep the softening properties going, is that the dirt captured in the particle filtering process is also flushed out. They have an indefinite life span ie buy it once, recharge at your leisure, should last a considerable number of years with the only extra cost being to buy a kilo of coarse salt to use in the recharging process. Downside: amount of room taken in the cupboard under the machine / similar to a medium sized fire extinguisher. Requires more input from you to keep it softening the water, than buying and fitting replaceable throwaway filters, but cost far less in the long run as long as you are prepared to do the deed. Anyone that wants to know whether they should be doing something about scale build up in their machine, need only look inside their kettle to see if it has any white buildup inside. And of course people that live in areas where they "think" or are told  the water is "good", are usually surprised when they bring the machine in for some kind of intervention, and you do some basic dismantling that exemplifies and shows the effect of scale buildup needing removal. And of course some machines are more susceptible than others owing to their particular individual design. Anyone thinking of fitting any kind of filtration in my opinion, is wasting their money if they buy filtration that DOES NOT have some kind of scale inhibiting or softening feature. If you are going to pay for filtration, you may as well have the lot and scale is more important than anything else (IMO) and in my area atleast, machines can be run for long periods without any filtration at all (direct to plumbing) and not be affected by a particle blockage (unless there are building works nearby and sedimentation is coming through in the pipes). So to have a particle filter alone doesn't do much except lighten the wallet.  Hope that helps.
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