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Hi guys,
We have heaps of filter coffee leftover from our opening last weekend. It's too good  waste.
So we'll give it away. The next 15 online orders will get 200g of either Costa Rica La Pira Geisha or Panama Santa Teresa natural processed geisha. Thought we'd share the love.
Cheers and have a nice weekend.


  • I had some of the Geisha at a visit to the Bean Green warehouse yesterday - extremely lovely brew and a generous offer!
  • I should put an order in but I would end up being the 16th customer!  lol. I'm trying to run down my stash BG... your making this harder than it has to be!  lovely offer though! :)
  • Just placed an order , I have never tried a Geisha variety before , fingers crossed  ^-^ Nice offer from Brendan  :thumb:
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