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Pour over noob

edited January 1970 in Other Brewing Methods
I have to admit I've never really been into pour over / filter coffee, apart from the aero press which I like to use when travelling.

But. after a sensational hario pour over I had on a recent trip, I decided to invest in some gear and give it a try myself.

I've ordered a V60 starter kit (glass) for $29 off EBay, and also a hario scale.  If I can manage to produce some decent coffee with it I might also get a decent kettle as well...


  • Does this mean lighter roasts??
  • Yep, I'm planning on a smaller, lighter roast just for pour over. I've still got some Ethiopians left that I think will come up nicely.
  • Excellent!  I use the Behmor for Syphon roasts that tend to be lighter.  My KKTO isn't much chop under 300g.
  • ive always been a clever coffee dripper man because of the ease and simplicity of use, but my new workplace uses chemex, and I have to say that Im a convert! Initially I thought that they were quite fidgety to use, and Im still not totally sold on the dedicated filter papers  that dont seem to work well with any other application - ditto no other filter papers seem to work well with the chemex, as the conical shape of the device seems to ensure that the bottom drops out of the filter paper with all but the chemex branded filter papers im sure that results vary but Ive been using 16 to 18g only of coarsely ground coffee, which I preinfuse for 30 sec, before adding enough water to come just about to the brim of the decanter ive never actually measured how much water I use (although I do tend to weigh the grind), but I do like the coffee that the chemex produces, and it seems to be slightly more forgiving of a slightly darker (than filter) roast that I do use on occasions and after a few false starts I find it very easy to reproduce consistent results under pressure, which I guess is the mark of any good device and coffee maker! ACg
  • I've been drinking some Limu that as espresso was so acidic it makes your mouth pucker and curls your hair... In a V60 however it's great.  The acidity is transformed into something really nice, and the flavours that were previously overwhelmed by all the acid are suddenly there again to enjoy.  I've been trying matt perger's method off a video I found on YouTube, and have been quit happy with the results. I've also been trying quite a few pour overs from a Chemex, when in cafe's while travelling, and it also produces a nice cup .
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