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Reneka Micro Sieve basket

edited January 1970 in Accessories
I have been following this topic on HB in regards to these baskets:

They are available from here:

Not sure if anyone in Australia has played with one, but I would be interested in their feedback.

I am not expecting any miracle basket, and am fully aware of the heated debates about VST baskets. I am in the market for a new basket or two, and have been doing my research. I was tempted with the Espresso Parts basket, but this product caught my eye. I am going to make some enquiries if their are any MOQ's and will report back.

I was considering the VST, and will probably get one as well, but the effort required (supposedly) with these baskets, puts me off a bit. My daughters are learning how to use my machine and I am looking to simplify the process for them, not make it harder.

As always, any comments or feedback (positive or negative) is welcome.


  • On reading the specifications The open sieve area of normal baskets is 2.6 % And micro sieve open sieve area is 14 % This means to me that it's suited to a finer grind But I stand to be corrected KK
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