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Cold Drip

Just finished my first go at cold drip  :)

60grams of Ethiopian Nekisse to 600ml of ice and water over 7 hours. Last few drips as I type, hopefully it comes up ok.

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  • Lovely!  I've done 60g to 500ml of water in mine for best low-volume taste.  As to the bigger units like yours ?? Did you roast light for this or medium?
  • Hey BrettH mine is pretty much at capacity at the 750mls mark.  Coffee was roasted just to medium dropped at 202c with a slower drying cycle and slightly higher airflow. First pour tonight just on ice was pretty good. Chester
  • The first effort at cold drip wasn't to bad :thumb: but as with all things coffee room for improvement  :exclaim: Next roast will be a yirg  dropped slightly lighter around 198c, and going to increase the drip rate just slightly higher to avoid any over extraction (it was very slight in taste but there was a little bitter note at the back of the palate) Going to stick to the 60 grams / 600mls ratio unless some one has a tried and tested method that's amazing in the cup every time  :) Chester
  • My base recipe is 6g/100mls at 3 drops per second.  I then adjust the dose (usually up) for the next batch.  But I seem to like 6/100 best especially for Ethiopian coffees.
  • Not sure how relevant it is, but I make Japanese Iced Coffee in the ratio of 32g coffee, 230g ice and 230g hot water in a Kone Coffee Filter. Really enjoying it on these warm afternoons! Here is a video form the guy credited with introducing Japanese style iced coffee to the USA,
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