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After the old forum software breaking in a way that we were unable to fix, we've migrated the site to a new platform.

Some elements aren't working as we'd hoped - some avatars didn't survive the transition, and we're still having issues with attachments that weren't added as inline images, but we're hoping to have that all sorted out soon.

New Brewing Device - Launch of the Brewover

Hi guys,
Myself and the great Manna Beans over on the southside of Brisbane have launched a little project this week.
We have created a new brewing devise called the BREWOVER.
The main reason behind this was because i wanted a bigger manual pourover brewing method. Something bigger than a Chemex and Simon wanted to create a more compact method for cold drip and cold brew coffee. So we incorporated the 2. It has taken us about a year and 6 prototypes to get to the final product and are so happy with the final results.
We have launched the BREWOVER on kickstarter (a crowd funding website)and would love the support of the whole Australia Coffee industry to kick this project off. We have offered a very good deal the pre-purchasing the product.
Please check it out on or and the link to is on the website. it has been up for 2 days and the support has been great.
We would really appropriate the support to get this Australian made and designed project off the ground.
Cheers Brendan from BeanGreen.


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