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Suggest a blend from these

I have been roasting single origins for the past year and am wanting to get back to blending so, I just ordered each of these (my old faithfuls) from Brendan @ BeanGreen :

Brazil Daterra Estate Sunrise - pulped natural RFA Cert.
Colombian Bachue Supremo
Costa Rican Tarrazu - SHB
Indonesian Sumatran Mandheling - Blue Batak

Any suggestions on a nice punchy blend? I make 95% of my coffees as flat whites with the occasional espresso and want high body and low acidity. I do have some robusta to throw in in small quantities to round things out.

I like roasting in 400gm SO batches in the KKTO and then blending post roast but can reduce a batch if necessary as long as I end up with close to 1.7-1.8kg of brown.



  • If it were me I would go 30% Brazil Daterra Estate Sunrise - pulped natural RFA Cert. 30% Colombian Bachue Supremo 20% Costa Rican Tarrazu - SHB 20% Indonesian Sumatran Mandheling - Blue Batak See what you get from that.  The Colombian Bachue Supremo info on BG says this is great base for a blend.  Likes to be roasted darker according to that blurb. I vaguely remember Mycuppa saying that Blue Batak was supposed to be 20% max blended a while back, but it was a while back and completely from memory so I might have it wrong?!?
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