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Tamper handles.

edited January 1970 in Accessories
We spent Christmas with family in NSW, and I got to use my son in laws Silvia/Rocky combo for the duration of our stay, must admit it was a little like running into an old friend, certainly is an easy machine to use, and still makes very good coffee.

What this post is about is tamper handle material, Son in Law has a Pullman with an anodized metal handle, I have a 10 year old Reg Barber with a turned wood (Bubinga) handle.

Whilst I use his Pullman without any problems my RB feels so much nicer in my hand, and has a much nicer balance, no coldness when you first pick it up, and the clincher for me, it now has 10 years of patina.

I know it all down to preference, and of couse my preference is for a wood handle.

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