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Naked Portafilter Wanted

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Hello ...

First Post... Yes... I'm new here, so apologies if I've done anything wrong in my first 2 Hrs. :)

I'm also new to expresso machines, and have just purchased a Breville BES920. I'm now looking for a naked portafilter to suit, however the best I can find comes from Canada at about $130 delivered.

I'm curious as to whether that is a reasonable price? I hoped to get one cheaper. Can I buy a different brand that will fit?

Thanks all for your patience. I hope.....


  • I can't preach to you - But I would not pay that price If you have 2 porta filters with your machine and if your willing to sacrifice one you can cut a whole with a hole saw to remove the base and you have a naked porta filter Myself and others have done this with great results There is a thread about it im sure ?
  • The problem is KK I don't think the portafilters are brass for Breville's so cutting stainless steel is much more difficult for the home DIYer. If you can get a regular handle I'm sure someone with a lathe could do it for you, or myself and KK know someone in Brisbane that can do one if you ask nicely. :)
  • Hi Taihara and welcome to the forum. Did some checking for you and the Breville portafilter is specific to the brand  (who would have thought ;)) $130 shipped isn't a bad price, cheapest on a quick search in Australia is Things Coffee $149 shipped. Be cheaper to get one turned down as the guys stated. Good luck Chester
  • Breville sell them direct for around $90. Just call the number in your manual and ask.
  • on 1427520044:
    Breville sell them direct for around $90. Just call the number in your manual and ask.
    Gee... That's a great price for a as as naked portafilter!  Shame it only fits their machines...
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