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A visit to cosmic_couple's roastery

edited January 2015 in Social
Today C-Man and I went on a little coffee drive up to visit Chester aka cosmic_couple's roastery.

We had a great time, watched the master at work on the silver streak, and I learnt a lot about roasting that I didn't know!  Chester then made us quite a few coffees on the Slayer and I had a lovely cold brew.  Total newbie when it comes to cold brews me, and I found it very refreshing!  Can't wait to try it at home!  I'm still coming down from all the caffeine though!

Then the pager when off! :)  Chester got called away and left C-Man and I to our own devices!  He's a brave man!  We had a play on the Slayer and we actually got a few nice coffees out of it (which is amazing seeing as we had no idea what the hell we were doing), and I roasted up some MM with my KKTO and attempted to use some of the knowledge that Chester tried to teach me!

All up a great morning, and it was great to meet Chester and put a face to the name. :)

Thanks Chester for the invite, and I hope the little coffee tree finds a spot there.  Maybe one day you'll get some beans off it!

Hope C-Man survived my driving without too many nerves.  I couldn't figure out the stupid one way bridge Chester.  According to the bloke behind me I was being too polite by letting the queue of traffic backed up on the other side across.  Oh well we survived.

Here's a few photos.  Chester and I are shy! lol. 

C-Man at the controls

The roaster

The set up!  Nice!  Wish I had a shed like this!

One of many pours from the Slayer

It's what's in the cup that counts! :)coffeecup_1_zpse5b8846d.jpg


Cold Brew

Chester's lovely dog kept us company




  • Thanks for coming out guys it was a great morning and I am sorry I had to cut my involvement short, but duty called. Sad to say it wasn't good and I would have rather stayed and played coffee. Pulled some shots of the ninety + Hachira when I got home, great coffee but I am sure the bag was a lot heavier before I ran off ;) Thanks for coming out and locking up for me, lets do it again soon. Chester
  • Great post Lacehim, very nice series of photo's, Chester certainly has a great looking setup, I'm impressed.
  • It's official now, I look like an old geyser that survived a stroke or something  WTF  must have been all the caffeine? yeah the 90+ would be exactly 44grs. lighter now as I pulled 2 shots Very very tasty even ground them on the little Rosco  And the Nic. when I got home was nothing like the one the Slayer did......same beans from same bag but different machine...totally different taste, still good but dropped many points. I was amazed how quiet the Slayer is, must be because it is plumbed in?  I don't remember any pump sound when pulling shots, only once the pump came on to refill the boiler and Micheal commented,  that is how a rotatory is supposed to sound. 
  • Wonderful report and photos guys!  I can't believe you were left in the command centre unsupervised!!
  • Yeah he was lucky he turned the roaster off!  Cman and I were like kids in a candy store!
  • Who was the old geyser behind the Slayer, did he turn up after I raced off.  ;) Ninety+ Hachira N2 is pulling lovely shots this afternoon. Chester
  • I look 90+ in that photo
  • Sorry for my late contribution Wow that's what can be achived with a little dedication and a dream A KK thumbs up Chester
  • on 1421045837:
    Who was the old geyser behind the Slayer, did he turn up after I raced off.  ;) That does it, i am going to Thailand for surgery Crainialrectomy head transplant face lift Liposuction Whatever it takes! 
  • Just think the guy taking the photo must have photo shopped it.  You look way younger in person, like a young horses father. Thanks KK, getting closer to arranging a social day/weekend so you will have to come up, some Brisvegas members could carpool up to the Sunny Coast. Chester
  • this is the correct photo
  • on 1421182173:
    this is the correct photo
    Great Photoshop job C-man, almost impossible to pick.
  • That's him, no way that's photo shopped, just saying before the doubters start making accusations of tampering.
  • Pfft... That photo is the Pits!
  • on 1421203920:
    Pfft... That photo is the Pits!
    The Brad Pitts C Man you look better than curent bohemian old looking Pitt  ;) KK
  • Holy coffee cow! So that's why you're called C man. It's Crocodile Dundee, the "crocodile" man. Look at him, still got that weathered aussie cultured look and still looking as young as back in the eighties, or was it seventies? Reckon you could be called "C"offee Slayer man posing by the Shrek machine. Darn smileys. Where are thee?
  • you guys are funny! we should have taken a photo of Chester's pants he was wearing we called them peddle pushers back in the 60s sayin that, Chester's "hipster" light roasted Mexican is fantastic, not just for the pour over but as an espresso it is sweet and creamy.......lovin it.
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