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help with Rancilio Miss Lucy model

edited January 1970 in Espresso Machines
My Miss Lucy model (the one with the grinder attached) is not making coffee
any more.  I admit to not regularly descaling it. However, the motor runs
normally and boiling water exists out of the side jet and it makes steam, but when coffee button pressed no water comes out into the coffee filter basket.
Not to burn out the motor I have not let it run for long and I have now descaled the model and tried to clear any possible air blocages. I bought the model in Italy and sadly there are no service centers in SW France for Rancilio. That teaches me a lesson.  Can anyone out there in coffeeland give me some advice? grateful thanks. :(


  • sound like the pump is shot not sure if its the same in france as it is here in Aus, but many coffee roasters also do repairs, otherwise there should be repair centers local to you that can do the job good luck and let us know how you go! cheers, pat
  • So when you engage the hot water switch, the pump runs and water comes out of the steam wand if you open the tap; when you engage the brew switch the pump runs but nothing comes out of the brew head? If that's the case it sounds like the 3 way valve to me. To check it, firstly make sure you've got some water in the tank. Look in the water tank at the two hoses, pull up the shorter of the two (if it's the same setup as the Silvia) and run the hot water switch with the steam valve closed. You should see water run out of that one. If the same happens when you close the brew switch it's almost certainly the three way valve. Fortunately they're relatively easy to replace. Places like coffeeparts have them I think. Make sure you backflush fairly regularly as the valve could potentially gum right up from all the oils if it's never cleaned. Good luck! Greg
  • many thanks to the two contributors who offered assistance. Eventually I returned it to a local repair agent (who deals in big cafe machines) in Toulouse.  The problem was simply the swithch failed requiring a new one. This operates the coffee flow. Price 125 EUR inc part. On another point of possible interest to fellow RANCILIOS etc. While on vacation in Italy last week I took the opportunity of buying various makes of fine espresso coffee there.  Its cheaper there.  However, even the top quality LAVAZZA failed to make a creama and the only one, so far, which is making a decent crema is my 2 month old LILY!!  These rancilios' are very tempremental and need a VERY fine blend to work well.  Have you checked out their Video on the new Rancilio site? Its good & useful. Thanks one again. regards, GORDON ;D
  • Top quality Lavazza sounds funny to me, because all the lavazza in this country (despite being roasted in NSW) is around 12months old before it hits the cafe's/shops.  Might be different over there (i would hope so) but if it were stale then that alone would account for the lack of crema. NB: to work out when it was roasted back date two years prior to the use by date, that'll give you you production date (ie/ when it was roasted)
  • hi there. top quality refers to their expensive espresso brand sold in Italy now. Lavazza qualita Oro - 100% Arabica use before 3.07.2009. There are various Lavazza qualities sold here and in Italy.  Sop what finally works well for your folks to gain a consistent crema ? As advised Lilly works fine for me, but there is always the question of water quality.  I use tap now. I have my Gazzia in reserve which worked fine and still looks cool. regards, GORDON
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