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New type of coffee accessory

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Hi Guys,

I'm new to this forum and I was hoping that you could help me with some feedback on a new product that I have..

We call it the 'hotstopper'.

It's a plastic stirrer which also acts as a plug. It is inserted through the mouthpiece of takeaway coffee beverages, it prevents accidental spillage and also holds coffee heat.

Any feedback is really appreciated, also open for any questions about the product,

Thank you all :)  :coffee2:  :coffee: :coffee2: :coffee:



  • Sounds interesting Ben, So it this for takeaway style cups I assume (the ones they give out, not the reusable ones we buy).  Have you tested all the cup lids on the market?  I know from my wholesaler days that a lids isn't just a lid, they can vary ever so slightly between brands so that lids from similar looking products don't fit!  :tearhair: Is this something you want businesses to buy in or are you going to try to sell the design to a cup manufacturer? Good luck anyway, hope you have success with the venture. :)
  • I'm not someone how drinks take-away coffee very frequently but I'd be interested if that changes.  Do you have any pictures?
  • Hi Lacehim - yeah these are for takeaway style cups, we've tried it out on different sized lids and have had to make adjusments to the mold so that it will fit on the majority of the different types. So the width of the plug will sit in the mouthpiece and there is a hat on the plug that covers the mouthpiece. Hope that makes sense lol. We're currently in the middle of getting feedback from people and have designed and manufactured samples, we plan on selling these direct to cafes/ cafe chains...but selling to a cup manufacturer is a good idea too! Hi Brett - i've attached some pic for you Let me know if you want to see any other pics, Cheers :) :) Ben
  • Looks like a great idea and design.  Congratulations!
  • i drink my coffee in two gulps so i cant help you there!
  • Yeah but you had a cafe askthecoffeeguy so do you think this has potential?
  • I was able to negotiate a really cheap price with the manufacturer so the cost to purchase these sticks would be really cheap as well, The product would be most effective with "on-the-go" people, looking to target cafes within Sydney CBD because there is a lot of traffic there. So our plan is to create noise in that area, free Hotstoppers to go with your coffee. So if you're in the area keep a look out for the Hotstoppers and say hi in the next couple of months :) :) Scared and excited at the same time to see how it goes!
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