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Cold Drip system help

Just wondering if anyone could help me out. I have purchased a Cold Drip system and i want to find out the best coffee bean/blend to use in it. Any help with anything to do with cold drip will be genuinely appreciated


  • Hey mate! What dripper do you have? Generally anything goes with the drip! However, I have found that a lighter roast helps for clarity of flavour and ground pretty course in order not to over extract over the long drip period. One drip every two seconds is what I aimed for.
  • Hi Skinny_B congrats on the cold drip purchase opens up a whole new world of coffee brewing. Regarding beans I would recommend the more fruity floral tasting note beans, roasted to a lighter filter roast level. Yirgicheffe's, Mexicans and Panamas have worked well for me, at ratios between 1/10 < 1/15 depending on how strong a flavour you like. There is a great deal of opinion out there on brew times from 90 minutes to 24 hours. I think a good starting point is a 6 hour brew. Grind your beans to a  coarse grind place a paper filter on top to help avoid channelling, add your ice and water (2/3rd ice 1/3rd cold water, weighed) to the top reservoir then adjust your drip rate about 1 drip every 2 to 3 seconds. You will have to adjust the drip rate throughout the process to keep it constant as it never remains constant due to rate of melt, increasing water head etc, I find every 1/2 hour I am checking the rate and making adjustments. My most used profile is 45 grams coffee to 600mls ice/water over 8 hours and have had a lot of nice brews at this, just recently in Melbourne I had the pleasure of some Ethiopian Nekisse Ruby brewed over 24 hours that was outstanding. Good luck with the cold brew and I am sure a few other members will pipe in an offer their methods, most of all play around with it record a few simple notes on what you did and as always if your happy with what's in the cup, job done. Keep us posted on how you go. Chester
  • I had some at chesters (cosmic_couple) and loved it.  Can't wait to get some brewing at home on my own when my Brewover arrives! :)
  • I reckon Chester's advice is as good as it gets!  I have a smaller Cold Dripper setup and have had great brews from lighter roasted Yirg and PNG beans!
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