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The Coffee Experience, Moore Park Sydney

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This will be held from 3 – 5 September [ie starting tomorrow] - these things are usually a great way to catch, up although unfortunately I can't attend [no longer in Sydney  :(]

here's a bit of guff from the press release:
"Technology and demonstrations will be all the rage on day one of the show, with Mavam, the new under the counter espresso machine making its Australian debut at the Sensory Lab brew bar, powered by Huhtamaki and Service Sphere. Hands-on demonstration of the Aurelia Easy Cream technology and Turbo Foamer will be available at Espresso Mechanics’ stand, as well as cold press demonstrations and samples from Pomeroy Equipment, and a Project Origin cupping session with World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic of Ona Coffee from 3pm – 4pm.

If it’s the thrills and spills of barista competitions you’re hanging out to see, then Thursday is a great day to attend. ASCA will host the heats of the Regional Coffee Championships, uniting Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales baristas to compete together. Baristas from across the East Coast will have the opportunity to represent their state in the Barista, Latte Art, Brewers Cup, and Cup Tasting Championships.

If education is more your thing, delve deep into the DNA of coffee and barista techniques via the Danes Specialty Coffee Institute, which is hosting Specialty Coffee Association of America certified classes. The sessions will run from 3 – 5 September and will cover topics including espresso and milk steaming fundamentals, essential elements of espresso, instructor development programs, and how to grind, dose, tamp, and extract.

Note, there is an entry fee; to see the complete events schedule visit


  • So did anyone here on this forum attend?
  • Interesting thread. All the old hands know that no one makes any money from these things apart from the organiser selling the stands and services. You have to make money from the event to atleast cover your costs....In the old days many went and flew the flag but "flying the flag" these days is a no no...if you spend money, you have to be able to quantify a return. And it may well be that if you spend a similar amount of money on TV ads, you will generate actual walk through clients to come to your business....and they are a hundred times more likely to spend money with you than a larger number of people seeing you (and very often wasting your time with no chance of a return) at an exhibition. And therefore a lot of old hands don't buy a stand although a number will go and do a walk through to see what gives and catch up and do a small amount of networking. If there is serious work to be done back at their businesses servicing existing or trying to win new clients that represent an actual possible (and good) return, they will pass on going to any of these events....its dependent on real work flow during the time of the event/s. The "interesting" thing is that when or if you read the write ups you probably will find the event was a fantastic magnificant outstanding not to be missed event, with baristas and roasters falling all over each other in the rush to be there and present themselves and their skills and try and win business for themselves and the (ho hum) comps held there. These will be the small number of newcomers to the industry who have not been jaded yet to know the reality. I'm known as a realist and the reality may not be quite so... To put it another way lest some dont understand. There are two groups of people who will each look at this in different ways. One as above is "the trade", and the other is the general public who may come in on the day the event (any trade event) is opened up to the public as in for the barista comps. They will go and have a great day out...its quite a different perception for them. Hope that helps.
  • And.............. They are now cranking up to sell stands at the next MICE (March of next year). All I can say is, those considering purchasing a stand there, really need to have a proper idea of what it is they will be doing there, in terms of having a well thought out  promotion and advertising plan, with projected/budgeted forecasts / expectations. What do YOU expect to achieve by being there. How to you plan to make it happen...because it wont magically happen from just turning up and setting up your stand next to a bunch of others all doing the same thing (yes we all have the highest possible quality beans and the very best service......yawn...then notice the magical redistribution of "wealth" from your pocket to the exhibition organiser's pocket, with not much in it for you...).
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