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Hario single cup filter

Here's a pic of my equipment of choice while at work.  It has a built-in steel mesh cone filter & when combined with the Kyocera hand grinder,  takes up very little space and makes a nice brew.

You can also see in the pic my super expensive hand crafted pouring kettle!


  • Hi mate!  Awesome!  I'm super-Impressed given that we all know what sits on you're bench at home. I use a,a Rocky and a plunger at my work and folk ask me why I'm not lining up at the espresso van as a 'cough-ee-snob'?  Simple!  It's all about the bean! Kudos Borat!
  • loving the milk jug Borat. be careful posting it as Motta might knock off the design! [emoji108][emoji3]
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