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Coffee Awards for BEAN!ROASTERS

edited January 1970 in Cosmorex Coffee
on 1455574013:
Preliminary news out for Sydney Fine Food 2016

I am reliably informed we have won
4 x Silver medals and
10 x Bronze.

...a "Fine" start to the year  :)
Hey FC, great news




  • Wow!  What an extraordinary effort!  Bravi Tutti!
  • Hi All. at the Australian International Coffee Awards last night, my team won the trophy for CHAMPION AUSTRALIAN ROASTER 2016, from a field of somewhere over 600 entries. The trophy was presented by the Royal Victorian Agricultural Society and I would like to thank all those that made this possible, from the organisers of the competition, the sponsorrs, the panel of excellent judges, and the team at Bean!Roasters who have drive, passion, a fantastic work ethic, and great capability. This one is for my father, who would have been proud of the journey we travelled, much of it together, to get to this place. Please check Bean!Roasters or CosmoreX Coffee facebook page for available photos of event / trophy.
  • Congratulations.  :thumb:
  • Well done great effort mate. :thumb:
  • What a wonderful achievement!  Congratulations!
  • Thanks guys,  appreciate the good wishes. Has been a whirlwind 24 hrs so far. Now off plane and back home, very tired, a couple of quick and dirty shots. One shows size of trophy (relative to a pair of sunglasses), the other shows the results for last year overall, next to the RASV / MICE trophy as part of this year which is not yet complete. Results for Aust Champ Roaster reflect consistency of the roasters offerings, calculated by aggregating the roasters 3 highest scores in the comp which in our case = the gold medal plus the two highest (of the 4) silver medals hard won. A lot of hard work put into this.....this is not luck, unless you equate luck with hard work, time, money in time spent, to develop these roasts, during the course of the  normal working day while looking after clients...   
  • Hey Attilio, muchos congratulaciones to you and the team! cheers A
  • WOW ... nice work ... very nice - congrats .. what a thrill  :thumb:
  • Congrats Attilio. The wall must be running out of room for the medals. Great to see a sponsor of this site enjoying the spoils.  :)
  • Well done A. And well deserved.....
  • Great job, congrats A [emoji106]☕️☕️☕️
  • Thanks guys, appreciate all the good wishes. Our actual award tally = 1 x Gold medal 6 x Silver medals 10 x Bronze medals plus Trophy: Australian Champion Roaster, which is awarded for greatest consistency over the three highest scored medals.
  • Picked up this article in this mornings SMH where Cosmorex and Bean Roasters are mentioned as Australia's top roaser. "It was a doubly successful awards season for the capital this month when local group Bean!Roasters by Cosmorex​ took the title of best roaster at the Australian International Coffee Awards." Read more: Well done again Atillio and crew. :thumb:
  • Well done mate that's a great result!
  • Thanks all, appreciate the kind words  :)
  • Hi all. Very pleased to announce we just won Champion Coffee as well as Reserve Champion Coffee Awards at the 2016 RAST Hobart Fine Food Show, for the second year running. More detailed info is in the adjacent sponsor topic.
  • Fantastic news!!!  Bravi Tutti!
  • Congratulations, another great achievement. How are we able to get hold of your coffee? I have always really appreciated your incredibly detailed and well thought out insights both here and on "the other forum" when you were still posting there. It is unlikely that I will ever be in the market for a brand new machine, but I'd like to purchase some of your coffee to try it out and also as a small token of my appreciation for the immense help you bring to readers of your posts. By the way, I have a diadema dual boiler I bought used which I believe would have originally been been sold by you, it's a fantastic machine for a home roaster!
  • Crikey... welcome Sourdawg!!  Great first post and your tasted in espresso machines is impeccable!! Look forward to more of your is and as someone whose ordered beans occaisionally from Cosmorex/Bean Roasters, I can guarantee Yu won't be disappointed!
  • Thanks Brett, I've been meaning to make this post for a while now. Being a home roaster it's very rare that I purchase browns but as I said, I'd like to show at least a little support and of course it's always good to see how the pros do it! And yes, I do love the Diadema. I have considered selling it a few times when other machines have caught my eye but once I give her a polish I know I won't do it! FC: I am located in Melbourne, if you have any retailers down these ways or a way to purchase online please let me know. Cheers Sourdawg
  • Hi there Sourdawg, I very much appreciate the kind words. We are a small albeit highly specialised coffee roasting business and don't have retail outlets outside our own local area. We do however sell direct by mail order, If you email [email protected] with an enquiry, one of my people will come back to you. The website is still being constructed so there is no "online" ordering system yet....but there will be ! Hope that helps, Attilio
  • on 1470715977:
    The website is still being constructed so there is no "online" ordering system yet....but there will be ! Hope that helps, Attilio
    Oh that would help immensely!
  • Thanks Attilio, I have contacted your people, hopefully I can get a package in the mail soon!
  • And done, I have ordered a selection of beans looking forward to trying them out. Cheers
  • Good stuff mate.  Let us know how you go!!
  • Thanks, appreciate that  :)
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