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French Press Coffee

For one reason and another, well one reason really.....ants, my Splendor had to be moved off the bench and out of the way over night leaving me with no way to get my morning fix.
I turned to my never use IKEA French Press thingy and needless to say I was beyond disappointed, too strong and burnt. I actually choked  on it and my computer monitor wore it, as did everything else in the line of fire  :head:.

I used 40gms of coarsely ground coffee to approx. 500ml of water.

Any tips would be appreciated  :coffee2:.


  • A choked French Press is the result of: 1. Grinding too fine 2. Grinding inconsistently 3. Not waiting long enough or stirring properly before plunging. 4. Too much coffee/water ratio. I grind about 50g per 900mm caraf. I love the FP and have it all day everyday at work.  Best beans are fresh, lighter or medium roast coarsely ground.  I use a double walled unit to keep coffee warm longer and don't use boiling water.  Let the jug boil then stand for a couple of minutes. Keep experimenting.  It's a lovely easy way to enjoy fresh coffee.
  • Do not use boiling water from a kettle straight off the boil. Max temp 94 deg C Boiling water = 120+ C
  • Thanks both Brett and MyCuppa for your tips, I'll give it another go tomorrow  :). I think I definitely had it too strong. It wasn't the French Press that choked Brett, it was me  :rofl:.
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