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Blending with Brazils.

edited January 1970 in Roasted Beans or Blends
I was hoping people would share their insights into what they blend with Brazilian beans.

My trusted blend (for espresso and milk) has always been:
Brazil 50%
Indo  20%
African 30%.

However, with the quality of Brazilian coffee skyrocketing, I found that good SO Brazils only need some minor tweaking.
I have been adding Indonesian beans for mouthfeel and sweetness (when I can get a good Indo, that is not too earthy), and then 10 to 20% Ethiopian beans (or Tanzania and Burundi).

My next project will be to mix some Central American beans (Guat, Costa Rica) into the blend, instead of the Africans.

My definition of good Brazils, is not the base beans of old, where the only flavour was chocolate, and limited sweetness.

Please share your triumphs and failures, as blending today, is becoming very interesting.
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