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How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee.  :coffee2:


  • Hello Ava and welcome.  The perfect cup of coffee is the one I'm enjoying now ;)
  • I think in this day and age there is way too much emphasis on espresso or espresso based coffee drinks, when coffee is a thing that can be enjoyed in any number of ways. Too often it takes an espresso machine breakdown at home, to get people do something different like for example to pull out the plunger or filter and lo and behold, really enjoy that for what it is... ;) I usually do my own plunger when travelling, to get my morning ingestion of caffeine (medicinal purposes of course to ward off the withdrawal headache) and i really enjoy that. It doesnt matter what type of brew / coffee style is made, as long as the coffee is *fresh* and the brew has been made properly.
  • We went for a farm stay with the kids recently and I took a lux grinder and the Pavoni Lever.  The coffee was supurb not because of the machine or the beans but because of the pleasant and relaxed surrounds and the un-rushed brewing process.
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